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Sean Payton suspended for one annual among kindness controversyBy (Getty Images)br /br /Roger Goodell laid down the judgment once afresh The NFL commissioner issued a coarse apt coach Sean Payton for his character surrounded the team's bounty system that rewarded defensive players as laying injurious hits on opposing players.br /br /The system's creator, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams who is immediately with the , was suspended indefinitely by the alliance?Saints prevalent manager Mickey Loomis was suspended for eight games. Assistant brain coach Joe Vitt ambition serve a six-game suspension.br /br /[ Related: ]br /br /All suspensions are without pay Payton won't procure any of his $7.five million salary during the ban, which begins April 1.br /br /br /br /It's the most caustic sanction as a head coach among the history of the NFL.br /br /Payton was reportedly "stunned" by the news"No, I'm never OK," he aboard Wednesday afternoon.br /br /br /br /The franchise longing likewise must expwholesale nfl jerseysenditure a $500,00 fine and ambition abandon its second-round picks within 2012 and 2013.br /br /"Beyond the clear and continuing violations of league rules, and lying apt investigators, the kindness agenda is?squarely contrary to the league's maximum important initiatives enhancing player health and safety and protecting?the integrity of the game," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said . "Let me be explicit There is no area within the NFL as?accidentally seeking to injure again player, let alone offering a gift for perform so. Any form of bounty namely?incompatible with our commitment apt create a civilization of sportsmanship, fairness, and safety."br /br /[ More NFL news: ]br /br /Goodell didn't absence apt join the "let me be clear line. His discipline leaves mini apartment for mistrust.br /br /br / br /br /It was believed that Payton would receive a small suspension as his character among the so-called Bountygate. According to the alliance investigation, he wasn't accused of handing ouwholesale nfl jerseyst payments or playing an active character surrounded the bounties,but his absence of action served as a tacit endorsement nonetheless. Goodell was right apt hand down the Draconian exercise The federation can't afford to be hypocritical by such a crucial duration among the migrate apt tell the game safer as players. Payton namely amid dictate and allowed the bounty system to happen He can't anticipate to get credit as the team's success and not be responsible for its failures.br /br /Goodell couldn't resist mentioning how he was "lied apt by the Saints, an needless addition apt his statement that makes his reasonable punishment seem malicious Personal emotions ought play no symbol in a decision like this. By giving off the perception that they do, Goodell opens himself apt editorial He did the same thing with Michael Vick,nfl nike jerseys cheap.br /br /A union investigation base that bounties were placed aboard four quarterbacks -- Brett Favre, Kurt Warner, Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton.br /wholesale jerseys china